Information processing vaccines

Status of this web page

This web page contains an overview of the aspects that are relevant for the development, management and accessibility of a database with Covid-19 vaccines. It is a working tool to support the decision-making process. It contains a state of affairs of the insights but is not meant to be an official source of the final policy decisions.

Purposes of use of the data

  • qualitative health care provision
  • follow-up of the particular vaccination schedule of individuals
  • pharmacovigilance
  • research (on pseudonymized data)

What data have to be stored ?

  • data about the vaccinated person
    • Social Security Identification Number (SSIN)
  • data about the vaccine administrator
    • RIZIV/INAMI number or SSIN
  • data about the vaccine administered
    • name of the vaccine
    • lot number of the vaccine
    • identification number of the vaccine
  • date about the vaccination circumstances
    • date of the vaccination
    • date of coding in the database (automatically generated)
    • place of vaccination (RIZIV/INAMI number or KBO/BCE number)
    • serial number of the vaccination
    • reaction to the vaccine (coded list of unwanted effects)
    • comments (free text)

Who has to be able to enter the data ?

To be defined

Who has to be able to consult what data ?

To be defined

Data storage and access

In order to meet the above described purposes, it is necessary that all data about Covid-19 vaccines are stored in one central database. This database will be the Vaccinnet database. The access to the database will be organized via webservices and a web application available on the eHealth portal (for health care providers as well as for vaccinated people) with use of the basic service user and access management delivered freely by the eHealth-platform. Regional eHealth initiatives will be able to put a link to the web application on their portals.

Search criteria

  • all vaccines for a particular SSIN
  • all SSIN for a particular unique identification number of the vaccine
  • all SSIN for a particular lot number of a particular name of vaccine

Legal framework

To be defined