Recognition of foreign vaccinations

Inclusion in Vaccinnet

Vaccinations outside Belgium can be included in Vaccinnet if the 3 following conditions are met

  1. the vaccine administered is a vaccine authorised by the European Medicines Agency or Covishield, the Indian-made version of Vaxzevria
  2. the inoculated person is
    • a Belgian citizen or
    • having his main residence in Belgium or
    • a partner or a child living together with a Belgian citizen or a person having his main residence in Belgium or
    • working or studying in Belgium
  3. the inoculated person disposes of a reliable proof of vaccination indicating the vaccine and dose administered, and the date of vaccination

The vaccination outside Belgium is registered in Vaccinnet by an authorised health care provider. The inoculated person is identified within Vaccinnet by a social security identification number (SSIN). The registration therefore requires that the person disposes of a SINN.

The FPS Foreign Affairs publishes a list of reliable proofs of vaccination per country. A EU Digital COVID vaccination certificate, or a vaccination certificate delivered by a third country and recognized by the EU, are considered a reliable proof of vaccination.

Delivery of an EU Digital COVID Certificate

An EU Digital COVID vaccination certificate will be delivered to

  1. every person that has been vaccinated outside Belgium
  2. about whom vaccination information is available in Vaccinnet
  3. and who, based on the vaccination information available in Vaccinnet, can be considered completely vaccinated according to a vaccination scheme recognized in Belgium.

When applying for an EU Digital COVID vaccination certificate, the person for whom the certificate is requested must be identified with his SSIN.

Completion of vaccination

Every person about whom vaccination data can be registered in Vaccinnet and that was vaccinated in a country outside the EU by a vaccine not authorised by Belgium (ie vaccines other than vaccines authorised by the European Medicines Agency or Covishield), will be offered full vaccination by an authorised vaccine as soon as the general population of phase 2 of the Belgium vaccination campaign has been invited (probably from August onwards).

Every person that fulfills the conditions to be included in Vaccinnet but only received a partial vaccination in another country by a vaccine authorised by and available in Belgium, will be offered a second dose of the same vaccine in Belgium. A person that received a first dose of Covishield, will be offered a second dose of Vaxzevria.